Mother Travers Award

The Mothers Travers Award is presented to the Auxiliary who has the most members at all three (3) meetings starting with Conference, Fall Zone Meeting and Spring Zone meeting.

The Past President's Club 2019 Presidential Point of Light Award winner was Pam Loving (Tappahannock-Essex).  From (l-r) Joanie Dempsey (Vienna), Teri Norton (Tappahannock-Essex),  Pam Loving (Tappahannock-Essex), and Jean Pickin (Buckroe).

The 2019 Mother Travers' Award was presented to Spotsylvania #1. Kneeling Kara Harvey; back row from (l-r) Connie Pinto, Pamela Meadows, Joanie Dempsey (Vienna), Robbin Griffith, and Brianna Claxton.

Presidential Point of Light

The Presidential Point of Light is sponsored by the Past President's Club. In order to be eligible, the nominee must have accumulated 4,000 hours of volunteer service in the auxiliary and/or fire department.

In submission, please put nominee name, how many years they have been with your auxiliary, what they have done for your auxiliary and/or the fire department.  Also write why you are nominating them for the award.

All submissions must be submitted by May 1st prior to convention to be considered.  The committee will review all submissions and select an award winner.

Submit nominations to Joan Dempsey at or Jean Pickin at

The 2019 Jean Pickin Scholarship Award was presented to Riner. From (l-r) Joanie Dempsey (Vienna) and Lisa Saul (Riner).

The Brennan Family Spirit Award

(formerly The Karen Brennan Spirit Award)

The Karen Brennan Spirit Award was initiated in 2010 by State Auxiliary President Joan Dempsey. When Joan stepped down from being President she wanted to recognize members who have the spirit of volunteering and giving back to the community. Karen was Past President of the Auxiliary to the VSFA 2004-2006 and passed away in 2010.

With the passing of Alan and Sharon Brennan, Joanie wanted to continue the tradition but include Karen's parents spirit as well. Hence, The Brennan Family Spirit Award was born in September 2021.

Please submit name, member auxiliary, how many years with the auxiliary and what they have done for the auxiliary, fire department and community. The person nominating should write why they are nominating the person for recognition.

All nominees are to be emailed to Joan Dempsey at

All submissions will be reviewed and will be presented at the Annual Conference with members of The Brennan's family who are present to present the award.


​​​Williams-Simms Award

The Williams-Simms Award is awarded to the Auxiliary who makes the most donations to the Firefighter's Relief Fund.

The 2019 Mother Morgan Award was presented to Fox Hill. From (l-r) Adriana "Annie" Jenkins    (Fox Hill), Carolyn Landis (Hose Co. #4).

The 2019 Williams-Simms Award was presented to Riner. From (l-r) Joanie Dempsey (Vienna) and Lisa Saul (Riner).

Jean Pickin Scholarship Award

The Jean Pickin Scholarship Award is presented to the auxiliary that has donated the most the Scholarship Fund.

The 2019 Karen Brennan Spirit Award winner was Carol Stickley (Hose Co. #4).  From (l-r) Joanie Dempsey (Vienna), Carol Stickley (Hose Co. #4), and Liz Garnett (Fredericksburg).

Mother Morgan Award

The Mother Morgan Award is presented to the Auxiliary who has the most members at the current conference.