Any active firefighter belonging to the Virginia State Firefighter’s Association, Inc. or whose Auxiliary belongs to this Association, is eligible for a “Love Gift” of one hundred dollars ($100.00) from the Firefighter’s Relief Fund upon request from the President or Secretary of the member’s fire department, or from the President or Secretary of the Auxiliary to the member’s department, provided the illness has incapacitated the member for a period of thirty (30) days or the member has been injured in the line of duty. Firefighters are entitled to only one Love Gift per illness or injury. All requests will be made to the Chairman of the Firefighter’s Relief Committee. Retired firefighters are not eligible for the Love Gift.

You may complete the online form below, download and complete the pdf, or send their name, address, date of illness or injury, and the name of their fire department to:

        Tina Puffenbarger
        853 Northfield Ct.
        Harrisonburg, VA  22802

Once verified, the sick or injured firefighter will be sent a Love Gift of $100.


Firefighter's Love Gift Online Form

Be sure to hit SUBMIT when finished in order for the request to be processed.