President:                  Lisa Saul, Riner

Vice President:         Joan Dempsey, Vienna

Secretary:                 Tina Puffenbarger, Harrisonburg Hose Co. #4

Treasurer:                Carol Stickley, Harrisonburg Hose Co. #4

Chaplain:                  Ayla Hottel, Harrisonburg Hose Co. #4

Conductress:           Sarah Garnett, Individual Member

‚ÄčParliamentarian:      Carolyn Landis, Harrisonburg Hose Co. #4

Jr. Past President:   Carol Stickley, Harrisonburg Hose Co. #4

State Mother:           Carolyn Landis, Harrisonburg Hose Co. #4

2023-2024 Officers

** Updated September 15, 2023 **


You may download the pdf of the the State Auxiliary Bylaw booklet for reference. If you need a hard copy, you may purchase one at any of the auxiliary meetings for $1.00. See the Ways and Means Committee.