2020 Spring Zone Meeting - Vienna

Our Spring Zone Meeting was to be held in Vienna in April.  Currently, that area is not allowing social gatherings for at least the next eight weeks.  Many areas are experiencing these bans so we can all understand.  Plus many of us are focusing on social distancing.

Therefore, our Spring Zone Meeting is CANCELED.  We will keep you posted if anything changes or if there is any possibility of a reschedule.

We will keep you posted on hotel bookings for the Joint Meeting in September and will look at sharing any other important updates.

Reference your Spring Zone Meeting letter about paying the annual dues and other important information.

Please everyone stay healthy.
Tina, Secretary to the Aux. of the VSFA

2020 Spring Zone Meeting in Vienna - CANCELLED

The 2020 Spring Zone Meeting of the Auxiliary to the Virginia State Firefighters’ Association, Inc. will be hosted by members of the Vienna Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary on April 17-18, 2020. 

Important Deadlines:

March 18 - last day to book hotel lodging

April 10 - last day to give Vienna the number of

                members attending

(Photo from viennava.gov)